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Business Value through Societal Impact

 Happy to launch a training and facilitation session with Artsquare Lab in Luxembourg in November 2020.  

Why did I create this program?

The rapid deterioration of planet earth does not leave much time for business to react, as doing nothing will come at a high cost for humanity, nature and business itself.  

Focusing on creating a shared value for society creates business opportunities for companies.

 Unlike philanthropy or CSR - the outside in look and shared value does not minimise the effects of business on society but maximises the competitive value of solving social problems for new customers and markets. 

At the end it is about creating a lasting positive impact on society through your company activities.  The SDG framework wil be used as a starting point.

Te training, 17H SDG's focused program,  is aimed at companies that want to create a positive impact on society and need guidance to start

The program will be a mix of content, method and tasks.  The facilitator team will guide the different steps so that as a company you can define your positive impact plan for society As a company you  will build your first structured project that you can then implement in your company.  You and your team will gain understanding of the SDG’s framework in one challenge, and this will enable you to then further shift and align other business activities. A better understanding of customer and societal paradigm shifts that will allow them to stay relevant and not outdated.

check out all the practical information at

The number one SDG that is ticking at your door is SDG3, good health.

Due to the pandemic, it is affecting also the health of your business activity, the motivation of your teams.  So take care of yourself.