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the city as a technology infrastructure versus the city as a living being

Some summer feelings I have recently seen the different AI technologists , that are calling on ethical AI, etc. The views however remain technology focused I see a clash with the other view of the city as a living being; with different social structures working together to enhance themselves, versus different structures fighting for space (on the road with bikes ,...) for a view of car centric vs bike centric... A living organism is like a mushroom that has links a little everywhere;  it is also the early artists that are feeling a certain vibe of the society, and that than create the fundaments for change in certain areas before being 'gentrified' it is clearly understood that entrepreneurial en innovative  activity arises at more difficult parts of society, not typically in the completely clean cities. It is therefore that Brussels remain a kind of a rebel - it is impossible to have a clean and well ordered city.  The city is a mess, and luckily this brings a lot o

Do you want ice cream?

Guadalajara, Mexisco  1st of July 209 With an outside temperature of over 30 degrees celsius , a sudden and intense hail storm creates a pile of over 1,5 meter of ice in the city.