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Customer centricity: is your map still showing the north on top?

Paper maps always are directed north / magnetic north.   When digital maps started to appear in GPS car systems, the maps still showed north; a point was added indicating where we were located exactly. Than the complete digital map revolution started to represent the map according to the viewer location , first in 2D than in 3D.  On top of the map appeared the direction the car is heading to, no longer always north. The next step was to add contextual information, relevant to the journey of the car, like traffic accidents, and to provide actionable alternatives.  This meant a data revolution with fast feedback loop, and where everyone is a sender and receiver of information, a kind of collective intelligence in the race for 1 minute less on the road. This is what I would call the customer centricity of a map, meaning that the whole view of the earth - sorry Mercator- is permanently wrapped around the customer and his viewpoint and interests at that moment. To move from paper