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Berlin - mobility sharing

Mauer park Berlin 2019 I was this w.e. in Berlin. for a rowing sightseeing tour, that went all the way from the Western part near Potsdam till the East and back. Before that a little stroll through Berlin and a must visit to the Mauer Park with creativity in action Ruderclub am Wannsee e.v. Berlin About 80 kilometers rowing in one w.e., a good exercise! The local rowing club had an agreement with the company Bayer as an employee benefit; hence the names of the rowing boat ASPIRIN :) I arrived on Friday and spotted some of the mobility sharing  equipment on the streets of Berlin.  It is interesting to see that compared to Brussels, it seems that there are some serious local players that have a pretty good market share, and that they did not have to stop. Cars Not on the picture: Drive Now with the cars, and 5 other providers of car sharing facilities. Parking in Berlin: I was not by car, but still was amazed by the number of mobile apps that provide a payment

(inspiration) Legislation machine readable for all

Today the CITIP center in Leuven celebrates irs 30rd anniversary.  As a former researcher I was asked to contribute to the lustrum book published. So I sat down this summer in the CITIP offices to write down an inspirational essay, based on my own frustration as advisor in the Brussels Government and based on the links between  technology and law. Here is my contribution also to be found in the lustrum book published.  Enjoy Do we need machine readable laws? I magine we would get rid of the foundation of the Napoleon Code and move to a 21 st century Code, where speed limit legislation could look like this: c lass: kilometers per hour (Variable): value_type = int default_value = 0 entity = car label = “The speed of the car” The state of digital transformation: a pile of legislation The state of digital transformation of the legislative process: ground zero What happens when legislation needs to be implemented? When AI ‘does’ the job Legislation machine readable for all

(inspiration) Smart city and digital elements Flemish government declaration

The three political party negociators agreed on a common governmental declaration, that - at the time of writing - still needs approval by the different political parties. A quick scan on the document reveals following elements: On Smart City: - continuation of Smart Flanders as basis and possible increase of program by VLAIO - Antwerp as city of things living lab - Open Data - on environment belief that smart technology will help air quality E-gov: - continuation of Vlaanderen Radikaal Digitaal program (e-gov data exchange mainly) - a digital first principle - some projects like MAGDA put in the picture as important Mobility: - focus on intermodality and the increase of mobipoints - quick electric chargers - belief in flying drones everywhere and in self-driving cars - ITS intelligent road infrastructure Digital transformation: - 1 plan for digital transformation and AI for Flanders - focus on AI for Flanders, cybersecurity Striking elements  - The Flemish Gov