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Your meetings online - facilitated

Suddenly your habits of meeting people, citizens, teams has to move online.  Are you prepared for it? Of course there are the first hurdles to take that are more of a technical issue: choose an online program, get everyone on board and the hardware to support it. Than there is the management of the online experience of the technical tools and how to have a real meeting experience that goes beyond the screen. There enters the superpower of your meeting facilitator: a person dedicated to organise the content of your meeting, to work on the dynamics, keep the time etc and the good spirit. The role of the (human) moderator in online meetings is a crucial element to activate collective intelligence. Some of my recent experiences acknowledge this, and also I learned that: - preparation is crucial x2; - find some 'coffee-break' moments in the online meeting to relax; - time the online meeting down to max 2 x 25 minute chunks, because after that it becomes very tiresome; - be g

When the Corona health crisis reminds us of the priorities within the 3 layer SDG wedding cake

I have been giving several workshops over the past months on the SDG sustainable development goals and the picture of the priority in circles of the SDGS have come back to me several times. Legend: The largest circle are the planetary boundaries; within these boundaries, the second circle of people needs, and within that boundary the economic human activity.   The last area of human activity is dependent on the viability of the two previous circles. People needs With the Corona virus the second circle with SDG 3 health focus is claiming its importance and put under stress.  The underinvestment in healthcare facilities is painfully shown. The human (economic) activity circle (SDG 7, 8, 8, 11) is shrinking at a rapid stage, due to measures to reduce the   speed of spreading of the Corona Virus like quarantine:  reduced industry, reduced transport, stockmarkets plunging, restaurants and bars closed,... One could easily see now the interlinked effects, and argue that this shoc

Slow walking : GR route. #corona

With all the Corona stuff going on and people becoming crazy and confined; why not think about walking in the nature? The walking paths are not crowded, you will keep enough distance with the other walkers, if any, and you will improve your immunity system. Being connected to nature is the best cure of all times. Do you want some ideas?  Check out here for Flemish area in Belgium These routes can by the way be integrated into your favourite app.