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Mobility passport - day 2

So an interesting mobility mix today and conversations about mobility in Brussels. First I installed the app and it is working really well ; at this moment i am waiting for the postal mail to deliver me the info pack.  so this day is public transport in 'free-style' without 'assignments' . Meeting at 9.30 at North Station with the Brussels Region Bike manager. Sitting in Tram 25 I was checking the time just after Liedts: 9.24, yes I would make it just in time; just before the North tunnel the tram traffic decided otherwise: 9.36 still blocked behind 5 other trams; the driver opens the door and I decide to walk to the North Station; this is the moment that the first tram in the row is starting to move .  Frustration 1 of the day #mobility I have initiated  a project to introduce the touristic biking loops called 'fietsknooppunt' or 'point noeud' in Brussels.  It is a really challenging project, andI am amazed to meet so many positive people, incud

(experience) Mobility passport - Brussels

Today and for the next month the mobility challenge happens in Brussels.  Powered by BECI by the way, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce. The event started with a launch event over lunch. Unfortunately I did not attend as I only saw the time of the event once it had passed, due to late e-mail info.  Luckily the information will be send home by snail mail.  Installing the Zunos app was actually quite easy, and also the web app is working.  the on-boarding also easy with a first number of tasks. The app has been written in French, and not all the screens are translated to my working language Dutch, work in progress I am really wondering how this mobility challenge will work out and fit in my busy schedule.