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Facebook launches application for geo-localisation on iphone

Foursquare and Gowalla have a new rival on the mobile apps field of location: Facebook launches application for geo-localisation called check in. With its “Places” feature, users can broadcast their location to the web, track their friends’ movements and see who else has checked in to a specific location. The optional service, available initially in the US, will also allow users to tag their friends in posts, flagging their whereabouts as well.

GEo-location in 2014 : outlook

Alsways an interesting exercise make forecasts, although some trends go often slower than predicted, and other disruptive factors come into place. Let's look at this list of predictions from Geoloco summit: Prediction 1. Geo-data will be free, with OpenStreet Map and other crowd-driven open-source data eclipsing commercial vendors: panelists of the summit did not think this prediction would be true due to quality issues. 2. Location-awareness will be integral to any mobile app: palists agree. 3. More than half of all mobile advertising in 2014 will be location-based: mixed review from panelists . Virtually all user-generated content will be geo-tagged: probably yes 5. Proximity will become a critical filter for content: probably yes, anyay a filtering of relevant information is needed. Prediction 6. Mobile devices scanning QR and bar codes will revolutionize how consumers access information: no clear answer 7. LBS will be integrated with social networks: already done, this

GEO 2.O cases request

Two years ago I started to analyse the different new trends when geographic maps and participatory web were converging. A first presentatin was made in 2008 , with elements mentionned like crowdsourcing for gathering data, and location based information put on screens. On 13th of October 2010 I will be making a new presentation at Gisotopolis event in Brussels and here I am reaching out to you: what are great cases that you have seen in this GEO 2.0 field? What has emerged as a new trend? Let me know, and I 'll include them in a new anlysis, that of course will be shared back to you. Feedback to or in remarks below

Haptimap call for addition commercial partners

HaptiMap, Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps and Location Based Services, is a project which receives financial support from the European Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme, under the Cooperation Programme ICT – Information and Communication Technologies (Challenge 7 – Independent living and inclusion). More info COMPETITIVE CALL FOR ADDITIONAL COMMERCIAL PARTNER

Nokia AR point and find

Nokia has been making vast announcements in location based services latelu, such as the Augmented Reality point and find tool, letting evryone add interesting Point of interests. Besides, Nokia is making its maps available for free on its Phones, very interesting evolotion. Seems that we are getting a neck to neck race for conquering the mobile application field with contenders like Android (Google), Apple and Tomtom.