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Free floating cars and geo-fencing parking restrictions in Brussels

In Brussels, several free floating car systems has recently started.  They allow to check the location of a car on a map in an app, reserve it, drive with it ,and dropp it off on-street.  In order to allow a certain density of the network the area where you can take and drop the car has is about 1/3rd of Brussels region.  The companies like Drive Now, Zipcar, Scooty (for e-bike) are operating in Brussels Region  and have an official and at first sight innovative legislation to operate.  There is a yearly fee for the car, and parking can be done in the Brussels region on street, just like the other shared care services (Ubeeqo, Zencar, Cambio).   A good year after the launch, it seems that this free parking every where in Brussels has been restricted.  The red parking areas (always payment) which are some shopping streets are no longer allowed for these cars, making it a big puzzle of where you can park them.  I have taken screenshots of Drive Now and Zipcar app, showing that in som

2 years

2 years have passed  like a blip and without a note on this blog. This does not mean that nothing happened, not at all, and that the pace of change did stop.  Nothing of that all. I moved on a career step two years ago, becoming a trusted advisor on topics of digital transformation and smart city for the Brussels Region state secretary in charge of these topics.  A special advisor moving into the realm of administration and politics, with a fresh focus on service, and determined to move forward the Brussels capital in the digital world. This meant that I had to leave a lot of the topics and network of cherished professionals to dive into a new and unchartered Brussels Region territory of 161 km2 and the different layers, silos, open and closed networks that manage the capital of Europe. In the meantime my brainchild BEGEO geo trade fair had a decisive first edition in march 2016, followed by a second edition in 2017.  The motivation of academic world, administration, private secotr