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Online conferences: 'Can u hear me? Your MIC is on mute

 The least to say is that the event space is in turmoil due to covid-19: strict travel measures trade fairs and conferences are cancelled. The content and format is moved online and we are in a clear transition phase for the moment. Seems that we are not yet completely there yet in online, mimicking offline experiences in an online world (and it does not match) and at the same time not using to the best the new medium of online in its possibilities to move away from a linear structure to a circular one?  In a longer term the purpose of exhibitions as a trade fair (meeting people, setting up confidence and business)  will need to be re-evalued, also as a lot of things have moved online. So here end of October 2020 my stake as a user. 'can u hear me?' 'your mic is still of' 'I will restart the computer' Invited speakers should not test their audio settings when starting up a conversation;   solution : the organisation needs to have for example a dedicated breakout

Business Value through Societal Impact

 Happy to launch a training and facilitation session with Artsquare Lab in Luxembourg in November 2020.   Why did I create this program? The rapid deterioration of planet earth does not leave much time for business to react, as doing nothing will come at a high cost for humanity, nature and business itself.   Focusing on creating a shared value for society creates business opportunities for companies.  Unlike philanthropy or CSR - the outside in look and shared value does not minimise the effects of business on society but maximises the competitive value of solving social problems for new customers and markets.  At the end it is about creating a lasting positive impact on society through your company activities.  The SDG framework wil be used as a starting point. Te training, 17H SDG's focused program,  is aimed at companies that want to create a positive impact on society and need guidance to start The program will be a mix of content, method and tasks.  The facilitator team will

Brussels donut economy

 I picked up the doughnut economics book at the airport of Copenhagen a few years ago. It took me some time to understand and digest the reading.  Basically Kate Raworth is showing that the underlying assumptions of our current economic models based on growth are flawed. Instead she refers to an economy that needs to develop within the borders of human dignity (inner circle) and planetary boundaries (outer circle); Tha'ts how she came up with the model dubbed doughnut economics.   There is a link with SDGS, but the basic change is SDG8, where Kate refutes the word growth as it has been eating up the planet multiple times and has put strain on human dignity. Some innovative cities have started last year to work with her team, to start introducing the donut principles in their own city, eg Amsterdam .  This donut coalition so far focuses on citizen involvement and looks at moving local economy from a linear to a circular one.  The complete model is explained here I have witnessed t

9/10 launch TOKVIL public innovation lab Brussels

After several months of online activity, TOKVIL public innovation lab is happy to announce it has found a spot to tet out physical workshops.  The temporary space 1,5 at CCN North Station. The launch of activities is foreseen on 9/10 at 12H30 For organisational reasons do not forget to register here   What will it be about? The lab aims to provide a safe space for innovation for the public services, linked to societal transition; this thanks to facilitation by knowledgeable partners, designers and proces facilitators. Het overheidsinnovatielab TOKVIL biedt een veilige omgeving voor interne overheidsinnovatie met maatschappelijke relevantie dankzij begeleiding door domein experten, designers en procesfacilitatoren. Le laboratoire d’innovation publique TOKVIL propose un environnement cocon d’innovation interne de service public lié à la transition sociétale, grâce à un accompagnement par des experts métier, designers et facilitateurs du processus.

crosspost tokvil.Be - we have a Federal Government !

 T here is a Government, a Belgian government. After a quick read of the governmental declaration , here what I have found that is relevant for the digital and societal transition. The transition can be found in different aspects: - the public services reform and need to become more horizontal and digital; a focus on health and justice - ecological transition - democratic transition with increased forms of citizen involvement - openess to new forms of organisation like cooperativ es, entreprise libérée 1. public services the COVID19 was an eyeopener it seems on the inadequacy of the organisation of public services. An important chapter looks at health and social security reform that I will not detail here. In terms of administrative improvements, a serious effor will take place to rationalise administative structures (fusion, work on horizontal alignment, new budgets,...) The word 'hackaton' is used to look at ways to improve health services. The government (note : finally) r