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3 years without own car

November 2015 no more company car I change my 13 year  employment at  a trade federation for a public career  in the Brussels region without a car included in the the salary package, and replaced by a STIB yearly public transport subscription.  During these 13 years I was driving different company cars.  The latest one was a hybrid car, as it seemed to me driving a cold choking Diesel engine in a city was no longer an environmental option.  Buying a private car was not decided at that time, the experiment would start of no own car.  Here below this experience, that started at a period where new initiatives started in Brussels like floating car systems, bike sharing,...  In this post the psychological effects of car deprivation, the practical organisation of mobility and finally the best mobility mix at that time found. It is a subjective experience and not to be generalized of course to the services used. Setting: living in Schaerbeek, north east of Brussels Commute time to Bru