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SDGs - are u aware? Offer for associations and companies

To take back the sentence from the most famous Belgian, Jean-Claude Van Damme: are u aware ? The first step towards moving to a resilient and sustainable business is actually to take a step back, and understand the global picture and the fast changing environmental, social and market conditions. The SDGS, 19 sustainable development goals, are a recognised framework that can guide to understand this global picture from a holistic and interlinked point of view.  Without important awareness raising across the company, not business plan with real societal impact is deemed possible.  Associated offering: - understanding the SDGs: 90 minute group workshop (ideal  max 20 people) providing a general awareness - aimed for: associations, cross-company, and company level - understanding the SDGs - trainthetrainer: half a day knowledge transfer to a team at company level who can provide the training in-house so that awareness is raised on SDGs - aimed for: company sustainable/csr