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Govtech summit - Paris at a glance

On 14th of November, I headed towards Paris for my first attendance of the govtech summit .  At this packed event the state of play of govtech was celebrated with startups and government representatives. Daniel Korski and the whole team of are the organizers of this year y Govtech summit. There are 4 parts of the event: a meeting zone A break out zone A small exhibition area A plenary auditorium Privilege in the format on panels or fireside chats:   So the role of the moderator I the panel was really important to provide relevant interactions.   This to avoid powering it is I understand. focus on the startups that will get a grip on the govtech market ;   it was a lot one way seeing the startups going into the govtech battlefield, without really understanding the needs and specifics of a public administration.   The answer to silos was just to push entrepreneurial spirit into an administration.   At a certain point I thought that this was a little sav

Paris - mobility sharing

I was in Paris mid-November for the Govtech summit.  On my way to the event at the former stock market I could not resist to spot the mobility sharing initiatives in Paris. My first impressions were: - bike lane infrastructure: amazing progress of separate bike lane infrastructure.  If the Paris mayor aims to have 50% bikes versus 50% cars in a few years, this is a real good start. - a very diverse set of mobility equipment on the street: scooters, electric skate boards etc... - second generation experience: station based bikes from the second generation after Decaux lost the market; Boloré electric cars gone, but charging stations of Boloré kept and the space made public for all kind of sharing cars. Cars: Let's start with the overview Autolib chargers have been put back in place by Paris, after the contract with Autolib was stopped for the cars. On the location of autolib, you see other organisation with free floating cars:  ADA , Free2MOVE,  Moov'in Par

Energy and climate plan Brussels - bike infrastructure

So the Brussels Government has agreed on a clear energy and climate plan, congratz! What about bikes? The paragraphs to be found about bikes  relate explain the following and are related to the 'good network' part of the strategy: Building out a network of privileged bike networks to increase the city mobility.  These routes need to follow 5 quality criteria: - consistent  - fast (direct link) - secure - pleasant and comfortable By 2025 the regional bike networks or GFR will be rebranded to the comfortable bike network and will be implemented 100%. The velo-plus network (R21, avenue louise, channel crossing, Ring,...) will need to be finished 50% in 2025 and 100% in 2030. Analysis: - there is a talk of rebranding the existing GFR network - bike routes and bike signage do not seem to be separated in terms of approach - 'good service' talks about services that can be developed for bikers: secure bike places, also for cargo bikes It