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Summerreading on GEO 2.0

Following links are interesting summerreading: If you don't know where to go in one week, Vancouver is the place at the Geowebconference: Usability and the Geoweb, check out this blog: Location based services blog: And start with creating your own touristic route at or get out there in real-world and enjoy!

Personalised Citytrip Planner for the Flemish Art Cities is unique in the World

Planning a city trip requires a lot of preparation: gather touristic information, selecting the most appropriate attractions and events, determining the best sequence of visiting taking into account opening hours and locations, etc. This is often a difficult and time consuming task. The ‘Citytrip Planner’ simplifies this process. On July, 7, the Flemish “Art cities” (Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven en Mechlin), together with the Centre for Industrial Management of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the research unit IT of KaHo Sint-Lieven Ghent and the company RouteYou from Ghent, launched the ‘Citytrip Planner’. This unique web site presents a personal city trip, fast and efficiently. How does it work? First, you enter some trip data (date of the trip, number of days, starting and ending point, start and end time, etc. ) and you answer some short questions to determine your interest profile. The Citytrip Planner immediately proposes a trip taking into account your interests, the t

Google city tours vs Routeyou

Google labs has come out with a tourist city planner . I was excied to chedch it out. Well this application for sure pales with the Ghent based routeyou one in terms of feasibility and export functions. Wondering how to create a g reat city architecture walk in Brussels of Benjamin de Lestré de Fabribeckers , my grand-grandfather and contemporary of Victor Horta.