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Tele Atlas Gains Access to TomTom’s Unique Speed Profiles Database

crossposting press release: Tele Atlas Gains Access to TomTom’s Unique Speed Profiles Database   D Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, has gained access to TomTom’s vast speed profiles database, which will be made available to Tele Atlas customers later this year in a uniform, global, low footprint format. Speed profiles transform the navigation user experience because routes are calculated using real measurements instead of rough estimates. The speed profiles database is derived from almost half a trillion speed measurements that TomTom customers in 25 countries have been sharing with the company over the past two years, making it unique in terms of both size and richness. Today this speed profile database already provides highly accurate information about actual average speeds for every five minutes of the day on any day of the week on all of the roads in 23 European countries and 90 percent of the roa

Tonchidot iphone application

The Tonchidot application enables location-based data to be tagged to real-world objects, and to present that information as a graphical layer over images in your iPhone camera — much more exciting than a simple map. For example, you can look at a street through your camera, and the Sekai Camera can display arrows pointing to all the nearby restaurants or stores or messages from your friends.   video on youtube

Winners Teleatlas LBS innovators Series

Tele Atlas, announced Open Green MapTM, PongrTM andthe Travel Channel GOTM as the finalists in the Tele Atlas LBS InnovatorsSeries’ Maps In Apps 2008 competition. When looking at the details of the winners, the winning components look very similar to the winners of Android Google competition, and this is looks like a sure trend: social networks that use localisation aspects, price shopping that combine on and offline shops, and localised travel 'city' guides Also, it is clear that innovation is coming bottom up, from the user base Podcasts of the judges and download commentary on the LBS industry can be downloaded here : The 2008 Maps in Apps finalists are: - Open Green Map: A social mapping web site designed to guide users tolocal nature, culture and green living innovations. The application willhelp connect the growing 'go local,' green development and ecotourismmovements with social networking and interactive mapping, empoweringwidespread participation in critical

Apple iphone webapps are highly location aware

Location aware functions are starting to appear too on the iphone, that includes a GPS. A full overview can be seen on Apple webapps It can also be highlighted that 'tourism' type of applications are hugely represented, where the location awareness element makes totally sense. Yelp, Urbanspoon and iWant are usefull to find restaurant, localise cheap gasstations, or call a cab. The full list can be seen under Apple webapps/ travel , but here a small best of from me: San Francisco Lowest Price Gas Finder 09/04/2008 Locate the lowest price gas in the San Francisco (California) area right from your iPhone More View web app WorldPics - The world in photos 08/25/2008 A free community website made to discover the world through geolocated photos. More View web app iconFind Quick use of icons to find points of interest around you. More View web app iSinGeo 06/26/2008 Location based web application for finding things near you in Singapore. More View web app IndyD

Android Developer Challenge: location aware applications the winner

The Android Developer Challenge has announced its winners.  Android is the mobile platform from Google.    Going through the list of applications, a lot of the winners have used location aware software (using the GPS foreseen in the mobile platform). Ecorio tracks all your movements and calculates your ecologic footprint..  talking about small brother! GoCart brings togetheer the perfect application and the link between online and offline shopping. Wertago is a nightclubbers community application. Lots more to be checked on this site