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Event From precision farming 1.0 to 2.0: challenges and opportunities 23/6

On 23/6 I am organising at Agoria with my colleagues of Mechatronics an event on Precison Farming.  The content is cutting edge.  I you would like to attend ping me before 18/6 From precision farming 1.0 to 2.0: challenges and opportunities" When Agricultural Machinery embraces the GEO-ICT and Data revolution From crop selection and protection to harvest, GEO-ICT components play an active part at every stage of modern agricultural practices. Precision farming means that cultivation and plant protection take place in the right location thanks to GPS activation; precise monitoring is also possible thanks to up-to-date satellite images and the analysis of all data streams from sensors leads to a better understanding and a better knowledge. During this Agoria workshop on  23 June , the two worlds of “agricultural mechanisation and GEO-ICT” will be invited to exchange views to learn from each other and find opportunities. The programme includes presenta

GEO business transformation to a new relevance chain

Last week I visited the Geospatial World Forum in Lissabon.  Great minds captured in a silo mentality it seemed to me.  This is nothing special about the GEO community, this is reflected a little everywhere. The business transformation happening in the overal relevance chain  (my new wording for value chain)  is changing . The amount of data with a geo component is increasing dramatically in the world.  This brings geo in the forefront of new policies like pricacy that was unheard of before. The massive amount of data is crushed to relevant patterns, and goes well beyond an expert analysis of a satellite image to forecast drought in sub-Sahara.  It is about investigating the music that will be played in a local store, personalised according to the playlists of the smartphones that have been geolocalised in that store over the past weeks and linking it with higher engagement/sales in that store.  It is about geotagging the whole public and private debates, discussions, aspiration, c