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Cognitive bias in acting for climate

Intro - doughnut economics Kate Raworth wrote the book ‘ doughnut economics ’ already 2 years ago. The book has been one of the best selling economist book in recent history. Kate brings together a lot of information and opposes her views on the prevalent economic models that are still explained in business schools and that in her opinion create havoc and are too narrowly defined. Human activity, she states, has only a limited band-with of possibilities, as it bounces fast on the external boundary that are the limits of our planet and biosphere; the internal limit is about the social justice and the human dignity that has to be raised at a minimal level. Kate brings different disciplines together : systemic views, sociology,… She also dives into psychology, and that’s the field of my blog of today. Because it seems that we humans have been programmed in our evolution in a certain way to make quick decisions related to fight or fight for example in survival. A lot of these

Luxemburg 5G and co-creation

I had the pleasure to participate in the elaboration and actual facilitation of the second 5G conference organised by the Luxemburg Government.  It was a nice collaboration with the Artsquare Lab team in Luxemburg. Expertise on digital transformation topics helped me to gather top insights in very diverse fields and to line up interesting speakers that looked at societal and technical challenges. Factilitation enabled to: - bring together citizens, technicians and business people to look at important societal challenges related to mobility, e-health, smart city and entertainment.  In 50 minutes teams were gathered who worked on the challenge based on preset personas, factsheets, and finished with an elaborated proposal that was using storyboarding techniques. During the two days an important group of facilitators was working in a collaborative spirit. And the Luxembourg government, the client was happy.