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Heat islands - district heating

 (draft)  The summer of 2023 has provided us with a clear indication that the weather is changing to unknown charters, due to climate change.  Heat domes remaining for days, heat waves in June and September; Terrible rain in Libya, Italy, Greece, with land slides and loss of crops and fertile soil.  Add to it the wildfires in numerous locations like Crete, Greece, Portugal. Questions arise about the livability of cities.  Cities are heat islands, due to the concrete and stone that are storing the heat, and releasing it in the night.  Inhabitants are buying air conditioning, that is lowering the heat inside, and just increasing the heat on the street. Bruzz writes an interesting series of articles about climate and heat islands The focus of these are a lot about adding trees, removing concrete, painting the rooftops white.   For me there are other things to be done, and one essential on