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Showing posts from August, 2008

3D rendering of places available by Microsoft

The Photosynth application of Microsoft has been released lately. This powerfull graphic tool allows you to reconstitute and share a location in 3D, based on a number of pictures taken from different angles. This rendering of your own 3D images is a new powerfull tool. A powerfull graphic card is needed on your PC. Try out, or check te existing public places that are available in 3D or look at the Photosynth development blog from Microsoft labs.

Google maps- location EDIT function added

Google maps includes the new following user generated - EDIT functions : - If you deem that a certain location is wrongly positioned on a map, you can flag this and indicate the right location; - also, user generated content can cause inapropriate content (copyright, adult, other offensive material,...), this especially now that a lot of pictures become geo-localised and are uploaded massively.