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Sportlight: facilitation of citizen bikenode.brussel project

We did it (again). Last year I was the initiator and facilitator of the creation of a bikenode network in the Brussels Region. This year we worked on a citizen update, checking on the ground what could be the improvements etc. A new version was released on 25/8/2021. Facilitation in this project? - Recruit volunteers - Foresee a working environment - Follow-up on the updates -

Facilitation - case study Brussels bike node network

  I was in summer at the reels of a quite unorthodox way of creating of a region wide bike network basd on the nodes. Unorthodox, in the way it was a complete grassroots initiative, with zero budget, and that with sufficient volunteers and support from an active biking community, managed to convince the Brusels region to take over the network, make it official and create the needed signages and management. My role in this project is the one of facilitator (bringing citizens together) ecosystem actor (discussing with the different stakeholders and policy responsibles), communicator (keeping the different communication channels in sync and up to date), and manager (keeping the network alive, looking for funding,...) In this article I would like to focus on 3 moments of the facilitation. This to understand that in your city or region, you could also make use of grassroots intelligence to build a supportive base for a biking network. - summer 2020: facilitation of the creation of the netw