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Google maps and artists

The self service approach of Google maps might have created a halt to other projects of artists, scientists,... that were using more complex tools; dubbed neogreography. Following article from Geoconnexion explains more of this: Other projects are thriving on it:

Map yourself:openstreetmap example

With vast area of informal parts in growth cities around the world, the challenge of having meaningfull maps becomes more important. Most streets are not completely known by name even. In that respect the collaborative project is of interest, where everyone contributes to disclose these areas through mapping its own little part of the puzzle. Link: Indian project from Google

User generated map modifications on handheld device TomTom Mapshare

One of the difficulties in road navigation systems, is that the driving situation tends to change quite often; when the conditions change because of road traffic conditions, this information tends already to be standardised and disseminated.  These updates are often a combination of profesional information and user generated information through phone traffic hotlines.  The smarter GPS navigation handsets suggest another route. Than comes the local conditions: local market every thursday, closed road because of works,... now this information can be uploaded and shard ith other users.  The Mapshare solution from company TomTom for example is a great example of this 2,0way of making traffic information more relevant.  Do you have another suggestion?  Than post a reply on this blog.