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Showing posts from August, 2020 launched - SDG impact

On 26th of August the Brussels recreational bike node network was launched. This as a follow-up to the citizen driven initiative over this Corona summer of 2020. As inititiator and facilitator of this project, I am really proud of this collective effort. And proud to have contributed to the following SDGS: SDG 11 - a biker citizen initiative to create a digital infrastructure of 252 km. SDG 8 - creating impact on the transition towards slow tourism, and revenue income from local tourism                                         SDG 3 - providing the Brussels citizens a healthy recreational path of thousands of                                         combinations of recreational paths and link with the other provinces.

crosspost - TOKVIL public innovation August meetup on silos

Happy to facilitate the TOKVIL public innovation meetups taking place at 1,5 public innovation lab as of next month. After a general round-up of participants, we introduced the topic of silos. Defined as : • Insufficient intersectoral cooperation, coordination and conflict resolution mechanisms within the public sector • Insufficient mechanisms for participation of relevant stakeholders in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies And expertise was shared to understand how we have arrived at these silos and why a modern public management should get rid of it. Slides and content on this blog: Stay tuned. Next meetup is foreseen on 24 September 12-14 and we will gather testimonials on public innovation labs.