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Showing posts from July, 2008

Nokia fun MAPSTERS

Nokia makes  a big inroad to push its mapservice on the phones. On this site the mapsters allow you to create your own map.  I did not find out actually how it really works.  Looks like it is a way to make people associate Nokia and maps. Who has a better idea?

Geocoaching Belgium

The Belgian association  Geocoaching   has embarked on a user generated treasure hunt using GPS.  How does it work?  Someone hides in a box a number of objects.  The box contains a logbook.  With the help of a GPS device, the exact location of the box is determined an published on the geocoaching site.  These coordinates can be seen by others, and with the help of the GPS device the hidden treasure is searched.  The first one to find can sign the logbook and take out an object of the box, that they need to replace by another one. In this way the treasure changes continuously..... Enjoy