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The city eco-system and Brussels: a systemic view - digityser

I attended the conference 'the human city' , organised by a group of researchers and thinkers at the VUB, in the new think tank POINcaré. The book the human city was presented there.  There are a few topics that are quite innovative regarding the Smart city and regarding the rol of Brussels as the digital hub. These definitely are not approaches that are shared by a lot of people (yet), but shed an optimistic light on the perspective of a human and sustainable city. Regarding computer literacy, it is no longer about using a mouse or a smart phone: it is about real data literacy moving up at a higher level for decision makers, and other: how to use data, understand it, understand the implications of data and the way to handle it in an ethical way. Regarding the structure of the city, it sees that the much hyped UX or user interface in the digital work for apps, need to be replicated in the city:  fluidity as the norm. For Brussels, it seems that for example a pedestria