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Brussels based Rockestate rocks in Open Data

Often the question is raised onthe  benefits of open data.  Who is using it and for which purposes? It seems it is not so easy to respond, because the benefits of open data are often diffuse and indirect.  In  the past I have seen that it is not always that easy to respond to this question.  Some studies, like the one about London transport open data   indicates that 80 apps have benefited transport usage , created jobs and generated a return to the economy, not bad. The Brussels based Rockestate is than an exception.  It uses open geogrphic data, in a curated way, to created analysis both for the insurance, electricity and property market.  Their website explains the sources and possible uses.  An article from Bruzz explained it as well.  Looking forward to more stories like this one The Brussels Regional open data store    over 130 datasets.  Check them out and see what you can do with it.

A new narative - Naomi Klein

Bruno Colmant  (bank Degroof) - in an earlier Linkedin talk about verbal and other violence sees no real alternative to Trumpism in this world. He looks at respect as a solution, respect to one another, without elaborating on it extensively however. As a counter-poison, it makes me think of the analysis of  my Christmas reading of  Naomi Klein in her recent book, ' no is not enough: resisting Trump's shock politics'.    Naomis explanation in the book is a real daring and interesting one, well documented as well.  In former times I would have said 'hats off'. The book goes as follows: - shock:  the strategy of Trump its advisors (mostly coming from investment bank Goldman Sachs) and industrial backing (the security and defense industry) aims to put pressure on all fronts instead of going in a sequential manner; this makes that normal people start to be confused, come into a fear and primitive reaction mode, and at a certain point will want a strong leader,