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I start the year wondering which catastrophe will come this year, and I am getting ready for the word 'Brace for impact' like in airline terms for whatever:

- an upcoming heat wave

- a crazy shooting in a crowded shopping street

- an uppercut right wing party  election

- a car driving by too fast

- an unidentified drone flying above the Belgian airspace

- a cyberattack 

- a real heart attack 

Than I look around me from Transforma coworking in Evere, see a white  Porsche parked whose owner I  know and greet, a container of Mover Potiez Demain,  that uses former prisoners to move stuff, and the former  Nato headquarters juste behind that are now used for judging Belgian extermist terror  and a blue sky above.

Should I brace for impact all the time?  Should I just ignore that there is a war going on in less than 2 hours flight from here, that the frogs are waking up in the middle of the winter and being hit by cars?  

Or should I  look for another impact?

- continue facilitating slow  tourism projects with a proven micro engagement format and make that people engage by themselves and are proud of it?

- continue fostering dialogues between thinkers in a new tried format based on keywords?

- invest my knowledge in cooperative structures, and foster common values?

- continue organising workshops around sustainability awareness  with the Digital Fresco model, SDG2030 workshop, the Sustatool model?

- continue looking at ways to improve governance to allow innovation in the public sector?

- work within administration to overcome the silos and look at impactfull projects related to smart city and innovation?

- and move to #slow as a paradigm?

And probably I would need enough courage to also slow down, listen to others, an not loose faith.