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End of year - blueprint inspirations bundled

 I leave it to the main press to try to make conclusions of 2020, to find the buzzword that catched the atmosphere of a pandemic.

I will however draw up some blueprints that I have seen coming up in reflexions on corporate sustainability,on public sector innovartion partnership discussions, on project assignments about smart city, during physical and digital facilitation sessions:

- a systemic stress has shown the outdated back-office organisational structure of public sector organisation

- there is no fatality: a human approach, and one with a facilitation more than a management posture has proven effective

- the financial world has been dematerialised for years; it has been a good wake up call for other sectors to make a catch-up with digital technology so as not to be eaten for lunch

- a great reset is in the make, with large economic sectors like cruise shipping industry to evaporate; a 'Treuhand" East German style organisation will emerge to decide what to do with toxic assets.